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International Society of Royal Descendants - Bloodroyal and Sangreal
The Arabic house of Islam 
The line is disputed at Zaida (of course). The modern consensus seems to be that the descent is real, and that the Christians disputed it for purely political reasons (they did not want it known that the whole Spanish Christian Royal House had Moorish Islamic ancestry).
() - Indicates the line of Descent
() Lannie Neal Bundy  & Minnie Edna Thomas
son of: () William Goeble Bundy  &  Beatrice Powers 
son of: () James Bundy  &  Abbey Parker
son of: () William Letcher Bundy & Margaret Hooker b(abt)1857 
son of: Andrew Jackson Bundy 1853  & () Lucinda Bennett   
daughter of:
() Asa Bennett b(abt)1797 & Delilah Woodward b1797
son of:
John (Gov) Bennett b: 1753 in Ireland & () Mary Isyphena Plummer b: 1755
daughter of:
() Samuel Plummer b?  d(abt) 1777  &   Rachel Barnard (??1713 - ?) 
son of:  () Thomas Plummer III b(abt)1695 &  Sarah Wilson b1694
son of:  Thomas Plummer (Ploumer) b(abt)1642 in Ringmer & () Elizabeth Stockett b(abt)1646  He was son of:  Sir Walter Plummer b:1616
daughter of:
Cpt Thomas S. Stockett b1635 & () Mary Wells  b:1633 - He was son of: Thomas Stocket, Esq Frances Aylesworth
daughter of:
Dr Richard Wells b(abt)1610 & () Frances White (Whyte) b1622  -
daughter of:
Sir Richard White (Whyte) b: Abt 1580 & () Lady Catherine (Katherine) Weston b: 1607
daughter of:
Earl Sir Richard Weston (Earl of Portland)  - 1577-1635 Earl of Portland &  () Countess Frances Waldegrave 
daughter of:
() Nicholas Waldegrave  b(est bet)1527-1560 &  Catherine Browne Est. 1535-1567
son of:
Sir Edward Waldegrave (Est bet)1487-1533 & () Frances Neville (1519-1599) to the High Kings of Ireland & beyond
daughter of:
() Sir Edward Neville Death: 9 Jan 1539 & Eleanor Windsor d: 1543 - daughter of:  Andrew Windsor - Lord Windsor
son of: () Sir George Neville - 2th Lord Abergavenny b: abt 1440 &  Margaret Fenne d:1485 -daughter of:  Sir Hugh Fenne ( - ) 
son of: Sir Edward de Neville - Lord Abergavenny d: 1476  & () Elizabeth de Beauchamp b1415
daughter of:
Richard Beauchamp - Earl of Worcester  & () Isabel Le Despencer - Baroness Burghersh (1387 - )
daughter of:
Thomas Le Despencer - Earl of Gloucester - d: 1400 & () Constance Bourchier died: 1416
daughter of:
Henry Bourchier - Earl of Essex - d:1483 & () Isabel Plantagenet - d: 1484
daughter of:
() Richard E. Plantagenet - Earl of Cambridge & Lady Ann de Mortimer
son of:
Edmund Plantagenet - Duke of York   b: in Kings Langley, Herts  - d: abt 1371 in Hertford  () Isabella Perez (Isabella of Castile) - Princess of Castile & Leon
daughter of:
Peter the Cruel - King of Castile and Leon (descendant of Muhammed) & () Maria de Padilla - b: 1335 - d: 1365, Seville, Spain (descendant of Muhammed)
    son of:                                                                                                                             daughter of:
() Alfonso XI of Castile - King of Castile      
son of:    
Fernando IV of Castile b: 1285 & () Costanza of Portugal  b1290 - d:1313 in Sahagun - m 1302        
daughter of:    
() Denis "The Farmer"of Portugal - King of Portugal - b: 1261 & Isabel (St Elizabeth) of Aragon - m: 1282      
son of:    
Alfonso III of Portugal b:1215 () Beatriz Alfonso of Castile b: 1242 - m: 1253      
daughter of:    
Alfonso X of Castile b: 1221 in Toledo, Spain & () Mayor de Guillen Guzman :      
daughter of:    
Guillen de Prez Guzman - d:1262 &  () Maria Gonsalez Giron (Maria was sister of: Aldonza Gonzales Giron - see right column)   
daughter of: 
Juan Garciez de Padilla - Señor de Villagera & () Meria de Henestrona     
daughter of:    
Fernan Gonsales & () Aldonza Ramirez - Sra. de Alcanices     
daughter of:     
Ramiro Señor de Cifontes & () Aldonza Gonzales Giron      
daughter of:     
Gonsalo Ruis II Giron & () Sancha Rodriquez de Lara  b. 1123 - (desc. of Muhammed) - Their two daughters were (listed above right and left)
daughter of:
() Rodrigo Rodriquez de Lara  & Sancha de Castile - daughter of: Alfonso Ferdinandez VI - King of León & Castile, b. bef  1040 & Zaida (Isabella)    - He was also married to: Garcia de Azagra
Further study required   
also married to: Sancha de Castile      
Father: Alfonso Ferdinandez VI, King of León & Castile, b. BEF JUN 1040      
Mother: , Zaida (Isabella)      
Married 1120 to Rodrigo Gonzalez de Lara  'El Franco', Cde de Liebana      
Child 1: Rodrigo Rodriguez de Lara b. 1123
son of:
Rodrigo Gonzalez de Lara  'El Franco', Cde de Liebana & Sancha de Castile
Alfonso Ferdinandez VI, King of León & Castile, - b. BEF JUN 1040 &   () Zaida (Isabella) born est c.1075 later bapt as a Christian - Died: 1107    
Notes: It may look like Zaida married her brother from this data! This is because of a conflict between sources on who she was. Sources in Morocco are convinced she was the daughter of the Emir. They claim that the Christians in Spain removed and altered records that indicated a Muslim ancestory for their Royal houses. The Emir was exiled in Morocco after being expelled from Spain, and it is claimed records from this time are still in Morocco. I leave it for future scholars to investigate. Others say she did not mother any children by Alfonso     
Father: al-Mu'tamid, Abul-Kasim Muhammad be Abbad, Emir of Seville      
Mother: , I'tamid, Former Slave     
Married to , Al Ma'mun of Seville, Prince of Seville     
Married 1098 to Alfonso Ferdinandez VI, King of León & Castile     
Child 1: Sancho de Castile b. 1098, Child 2: Sancha de Castile, Child 3: Elvira     

daughter of: () Abul-Kasim Muhammad al-Mu'tamid, Emir of Seville born est c.1045 Acceded: 1068 - Died: 1095, Aghmat, Morocco &  I'tamid, Former Slave     
Notes: al-Mu'tamid was a great and tragic figure. He was an excellent poet of love and a good statesman whom destiny had chosen to taste both the gaiety and bitterness and of life. He is famous for his love poetry to his wife, a former slave girl whom he showered with love and precious gifts.     
Child 1: , Al Ma'mun of Seville, Prince of Seville     
Child 2: , Zaida (Isabella)     
son of:      
()Abu Amr Abbad ben Muhammad al-Mu'tadid, Chamberlain of Seville     
son of:      
() Abu Amr Abbad ben Muhammad al-Mu'tadid, Chamberlain of Seville - Acceded: 1042 - Died: 1068     
son of:      
()Kadi Abul-Kasim Muhammad I, Chamberlain of Seville - Acceded: 1023 - Died: 1042     
son of: ()Ismail, Iman of Seville (Judge/Iman of Seville)     
son of:  ()Qarais         
son of:  ()Abbad          
son of:  ()Amr          
son of:  ()Aslan          
son of:  ()Amr          
son of:  ()Itaf - Acceded: 741, Spain     
son of:  ()Na'im al-Lakhmi          
son of:  ()Na'im al-Lakhmi               
son of:  Abu Fârisi  & ()Zohra (mar the "Lakhm")       
daughter of: ()Husain         
son of: ()al-Hasan - Died: 670  & Zhâdah Kândâria     
Notes: He is said to have had 90 wives. Died: 670 - Poisoned by Zhâdah at the instigation of the Caliph Mu'uwiya.     
Child 1: , Abdallah, Child 2: , Qasim, Child 3: , Hasan, Child 4: , Zaid,      
Child 5: , Umar, Child 6: , Abdallah, Child 7: , Abderrahman, Child 8: , Ahmed, Child 9: , Ismail, Child 10: , Husain, Child 11: , Raquiya     
son of:      
Caliph Ali ben Abu Talib  & ()Fatimah (the "Fatimids")             
Child 1: al-Hasan, Child 2: al-Husain, Child 3: Mohsin, Child 4: Umn al-Kultum, Child 5: Umm al-Kulthum, Child 6: Raquia, Child 7: Zaynab Kobra, Child 8: Khadija     
daughter of:       
()The Prophet Muhammad founder of Islam  born: 25 March 570 died:8 June 632 in Medina & Khadijah see: Khadijah Wife Of Muhammad     
Muhammad, The Prophet     
Born: 25 MAR 570 - Died: 8 JUN 632, Medina     
Father: al-Muttalib, `Abd Allah ben `Abd, b. 554     
Mother: Wahb, Amina bint     
Married to , Khadijah     
Child 1: , Fatimah     
Child 2: Muhammad, Rukaiya bint     
Child 3: , Zaynad     
Child 4: Kuttum, Umm     
Child 5: Muhammad, al-Kasim (`Abd Allah) ben     
Married to , Umm Salama     
Married to , `A'isha     
Married to `Umar, Hafsa bint     
Married to , Zaynab     
Married to , Sawda     
Married to , Sufiyya     
Married 627 to , Mariya (Mary the Copt)     
Child 6: , Ibrahim     

son of:      
<>Abd Allah ben `Abd al-Muttalib  b:554 died: (abt)570 & Amina bint Wahb      
son of:      
<>Abd al-Muttalib  (Shêba al-Hamd) & Fatima Makhzum, (Salma) bint `Amir of Ben      
Abd al-Muttalib (Shêba al-Hamd)     
Father: `Amr, Hâshim     
Mother: , Atika of the Bani Cays Aylân     
Married to Makhzum, Fatima (Salma) bint `Amir of Ben     
Child 1: al-Muttalib, `Abd Allah ben `Abd, b. 554     
Child 2: Talib, Abu     
Child 3: , Zobeir     
Child 4: , Hârith     
Child 5: , Abu Lahab (`Abd al-`Uzzo, Abu `Utba)     
Child 6: al-Muttalib, al-Abbas ben `Abd     
Child 7: , Hamza     

son of:      
<>Hashim Amr & Atika of the Bani Cays Aylân      
son of:      

() <>Rodrigo Gonzalez de Lara 'El Franco', Cde de Liebana & Sanchade Castile  (Sancha de Castile) Married 1120     
Child 1: <>Rodrigo Rodriguez de Lara  b. 1123     
son of:     
<>Gonsalo Nuñez  of Lara         
son of:   <>Nuño Gonsalez of Lara         
son of: <>Gonsalo Nuñnez of Lara         
son of: <>Nuño Gonsalez of Lara         
son of: Gonsalo Gustaves, Lord of Salas & Lara & <>Mawiyah       
daughter of: <>al-Hakam II al-Mustansir, Caliph of Cordoba - Acceded: 961 - Died: 976     
son of: <>Abd al-Rahman III, Emir of Cordoba - Acceded: 912 - Died: 961      
son of: <>Muhammad         
son of: <>Abd Allah, Emir of Cordoba & Oneca Fortunez b. CIR 847 - married in 863     
son of: <>Muhammad I, Emir of Cordova & Ishar - Acceded: 852 - Died: 886     
son of:  <>Abd-ar-Rahman II al-Mutawassit,  Emir of Cordoba - Acceded: 822 - Died: 852     
son of:  <>al-Hakam I, Emir of Cordoba & Halawah - Acceded: 796 - Died: 822     
son of:  <>Hisham I, Emir of Cordoba - Acceded: 788 - Died: 796     
son of:  <>Abd-ar-Rahman I ad-Dakhil, Emir of Cordoba & Khazraf     
son of:  <>Mu'awiya - Born: 715 Died: 736 & Berber Raha     
son of:  <>Hisham I, Caliph at Damascus  - Acceded: 724 Died: 743     
son of:  <>Abd al-Malik, Caliph of Damascus - Acceded: 685  Died: OCT 705     
son of:  <>Marwan I ben al-Hakam, Caliph at Damascus - (also known as: Abu `l-Kasim, Abu `Abd al-Malik) born:(abt)624 - acceded: 684 - died: 685 & al-Mughira, `A'isha bint Mu`awiya ben - Marwan I's children: Child 1: , `Abd-al-`Aziz, Governor of al-Andulus 1, Child 2: , Son, Child 3: daughters, Seven Sons two Married to al-Mughira, `A'isha bint Mu`awiya ben Child 4: al-Malik, `Abd, Caliph of Damascus     
son of:  <>al-Hakim   &  al-Kinaniyya, Amina bint `Alkama     
son of:  <>Abu el-As        
son of:  <>Umayyah (the "Umayyids")        
son of:  <>Abd Shams        
son of:  <>Abd Manâf  - b430 AD
<>Abd Manâf  - b430 AD
Manâf, `Abd
Born: ABT 430
Father: , Qusayy (Zayd) "Mujammi", Governor of Mecca, b. ABT 400
Mother: , Hobba
Child 1: `Amr, Hâshim
Child 2: Shams, `Abd
Child 3: , al-Muttalib
Child 4: , Naufal
fom here on see: Khadijah Wife Of Muhammad

Qusayy (Zayd) "Mujammi", Governor of Mecca
Born: ABT 400
Acceded: 440
Father: , Kilab, b. ABT 365
Married to , Hobba
Child 1: al-Uzza, `Abd
Child 2: Manâf, `Abd, b. ABT 430
Child 3: ed-Dar, `Abd
Child 4: al-Cossai, `Abd