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Lady Anne Wynne - Barroness of Baltimore 
Lord George Calvert - 1st Lord Baltimore - Baron of Baltimore & (1) Lady Anne Wynne - Barroness of Baltimore -  b: in Bexley, Hertfordshire d: 1621 in Chancel of St. Mary's Church, London - he was previously married to: (2) Dame Joane Baltimore died:1630 - Last of the Ancesters with Titled Nobility - 16th generation ancesterAnne Wynne - incorrectly recorded as "Mynne" - she become his wife on November 22, 1604. Anne’s ancestry was a distinguished one indeed, claiming to include, for the most part probably accurately:  Henry I, King of England (son of William the Conqueror)  ,  Henri I, King of France  , William de Vernon, 5th Earl of Devon  , Henry Grey, 1st Baron Grey of Codnor  , Richard Grey, 2nd Baron Grey of Codnor  , Baron FitzPayn  , Richard Poynings, 3rd Baron Poynings  ....and a lengthy list of Knights and Ladies. 
daughter of:
John Wynne(Wyanne) b: 1529 in Hertfordshire, England & Lady Elizabeth Wroth (Wrothe) - she was first married (abt) 1550 to Nicholas Butler in Enfield, Middlesex  - she was first married (abt) 1550 to Nicholas Butler  in Enfield, Middlesex
son of:  
John Mynne b: Wft Est. 1478-1507 & Alice Standish b: (bet) 1487-1510   

John Mynne, born Abt. 1490 in Hertingfordbury, England; died Dec 14, 1542. He was the son of  Nicholas Mynne. He married Alice Standish

Sir Francis Southwell - Born: ABT 1524, Windham Manor, Norfolk, England - Died: 1582
Notes: On 12 Feb 1539, Taunton Priory surrendered all its lands, including Gauldon manor, to Henry VIII. In 1544, the manor was sold by the Crown for £212 to William Standish of London, with remainder to his daughter, Alice, and her husband, Francis Southwell of Norfolk, and their heirs, and failing such heirs, to John Mynne and his heirs. Alice Standish had been married, previous to Sir Francis, to John Mynne (d. 14 Dec 1543), auditor of the Exchequer, Clerk to the Surveyor General, and Master of the Woods. William Standish died in 1553, and the manor went to his daughter, Alice Southwell, who died childless. Gauldon then went to the Mynne family in accordance with the original deed.

Father: Francis Southwell & Dorothy Tendering
Married 1: Alice Standish
Married 2: Barbara Spencer 6 Aug 1560 St Peters Mancroft, Norwich, Norfolk, England
1. Miles Southwell - 2. Mary Southwell