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International Society of Royal Descendants - Bloodroyal and Sangreal
Lady Annabella Stuart (Royal Stuart) 
George Gordon 2nd Earl of Huntly - Chancellor of Scotland  d: before 30 Jan 1502 & Lady Annabella Stuart (Royal Stuart)  - her second marriage
Married BEF 10 MAR 1459 Divorce 1471
(Lady Annabella Stewart was married first to Louis of Savoy).
Divorce 1471 to Gordon, George of Huntly, Earl of Huntly 2nd    
Child 1: Isabella Gordon,
Child 2: Alexander Gordon - Earl of Huntly 3rd,
Child 3: Adam Gordon - Lord of Aboyne,
Child 4: Sir William Gordon  
Child 5: Sir James Gordon - Admiral
Child 6: Janet Gordon,
Child 7: Elizabeth Gordon,
Child 8: Margaret Gordon,
Child 9: Agnes Gordon,
Child 10: Alexander Gordon of Huntly
daughter of:
James I King of Scotland (1394-1437)
James I - King of Scotland - 1394-1437 &  Lady Joan Beaufort - John (Fairborn) de Beaufort - Earl of Somerset Margaret de Holland - He was a descendant of:  Edward III - King of England Charles I - King of France; and so on... Margaret de Holland, was a desc. of  Edward I - King of England Phillipe III - King of France; and so on...  
James I was son of: 
Robert (John) Stuart III - King of Scotland  & Annabella Drummond  
son of:
Robert II King of Scotland Stuart & Elizabeth of Rowallan Mure - daughter of:  Sir Adam Mure Of Rowallan
son of: 
Walter Stewart VI - High Steward of Scotland  & Princess Marjorie Bruce  
daughter of  
Robert Bruce I - King of Scotland  & Isobel of Mar - daughter of:  Donald Earl of Mar
son of:
Robert Earl of Carrick Bruce - Lord of Annandale  Jul 1274 - Jun 1329 & Marjorie Countess of Carrick