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International Society of Royal Descendants - Bloodroyal and Sangreal
Annabell FitzHugh b: 1310 
Henry Vasasour b: 1304 in Hazlewood, Yorkshire - other records indicate: b:1292 & Annabell FitzHugh b: 1310 in Ravensworth, Yorkshire - other records indicate b: 1338
daughter of:
Henry FitzHugh b: 1270 in Ravensworth, Yorkshire & Eva de Bulmer - b: 1275 in Wilton in Cleveland, Yorkshire - (or Joan de Fourneux)
son of:
Hugh FitzHugh b: 1245 in Ravensworth, Yorkshire & Albreda de Brumpton  - b: 1258 in Brumpton Upon, Swale, Yorkshire - daughter of:  William de Brumpton b: 1230 in Brumpton Upon, Swale, Yorkshire
son of:  Ralph FitzHugh b: 1220
son of:  William FitzHugh b: 1192