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International Society of Royal Descendants - Bloodroyal and Sangreal
Alice of Normandy
Anschitil & Alice of Normandy - See also &  William The Conqueror 
daughter of:  
Richard III - Duke of Normandy  b: abt 997 - Normandy & Unknown Mistress  see also his sister (also an ancester of the Bundy Families)  
son of: 
William I "The Great" Count of Macon & Burgundy  (Abt 1024 
son of:  
Renaud I - Count Palatine of Burgundy b(abt)0990 & Alice Adelaide of Normandy b:1003  
daughter of: 
son of:  Richard II - Duke of Normandy  b: abt 963 in Normandy & Judith of Brittany - b: 982 in Bretagne, France
son of:  Richard I - Duke of Normandy  & Gunnora de Crepon b: abt 936 in Normandy 
son of:  William Longsword - Duke of Normandy  b: abt 893 & Espriota de Senlis b: abt 911 in Brittany 
son of:  Rollo (Duke of Normandy)  b: abt 870 in Maer, Norway & Poppa de Bayeaux 
son of:  Rognvald-I Eysteinsson   & Hildir b: abt 848 in Norway 
son of:  Eystein Glumra Ivarsson - Jarl  of More Norway b: abt 0810 in Maer, Norway  & Aseda Rognvaldsson b: abt 0812 in Maer, Norway 
son of:  Ivar Jarl of The Uplands b: in Oppland, Norway  
son of:  King Halfdan-Ii Eysteinsson b: abt 762 in Holtum, West Scandina, Norway & Unknown Oysteinsdatter 
son of:  Eystein Halfdansson b: in Vestfold, Norway 
son of:  Halfdan Olafsson b: abt 704 in Romerike, Norway & Asa Eysteinsson b: Abt 708 
son of:  Olaf Ingjaldsson b: abt 682 in Vaermland, Sweden  & Solveig Halfdansson b: Abt 684 in Romerike, Norway 
son of:  Ingjald Braut-Onandsson b: abt 660 in Sweden  & Gauthild Algautsson b: Abt 664 in Sweden 
son of:  Brout-Onund Ingvarsson  
son of:  Ingvar Eysteinsson b: 616 in Sweden  
son of:  Eystein Adilsson b: abt 594 in Sweden  
son of:  Adils Ottaarsson b: abt 551  & Yrsa Halvarsson b: Abt 565 in Denmark 
son of:  Ottar Egilsson b: abt 551 in Sweden  
son of:  Egis Aunson b: abt 530 in Sweden  
son of:  Aun Jorundsson b: abt 509 in Sweden  
son of:  Jorund Yngvasson b: abt 487 in Sweden  
son of:  Yngvi Alreksson b: abt 466 in Sweden  
son of:  Alrek Agnasson b: abt 445 in Sweden & Dagreid Dagsson 
son of:  Agni Dagsson b: abt 414 in Sweden  
son of:  Dag Dyggvarsson b: abt 403 in Sweden  
son of:  Dyggri Damarsson b: abt 382 in Sweden  
son of:  Domar Domaldisson b:abt:361 in Sweden & Drott Danpsson
son of:  Domaldi Visbursson b: abt 340 in Sweden  
son of:  Visbar Vanlandsson b: abt 319 in Sweden  
son of:  Vanlandi Svegdasson b: abt 298 in Sweden & Driva Snaersson 
son of:  Svegdi Fjolnarsson b: abt 277 in Uppsala, Sweden & Vana 
son of:  Fjolnir Yngui-Freysson b: abt 256 in Uppsala, Sweden  
son of:  Yngn-Frey - King of Sweden b: 235 in Uppsala, Sweden & Gerd Gymersson b: 239 
son of:  Njord - King of The Swed  b: abt 214 in Naotun, Sweden