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Alice or Helen Dunbar
Philip de Seton d: abt 1210 & Alice or Helen Dunbar   
daughter of:  
Lord Waldeve - Earl of Dunbar (aka: Waltheof) b: abt 1132 in Dunbar, ELOT, Scot. & Ailine Dunbar b: ABT 1136  
son of:  Lord Gospatrick - Earl of Dunbar  b:1095 d: 1166 & Derdere  
son of:  Lord Gospatrick - Earl of March & Dunbar  b: abt 1062 in Dunbar, ELOT, Scot. d  23 Aug 1138 in battle of the standard  & Sybil Morel of Bearley b: abt 1080 in Beanley, NHUM. Eng - daughter of: Arkil Morel - of the Clan Fife  d: 1054 in Bearley, Dunbar Burgh, Scotland d: 1095 in Argyl  Scotland     
son of: 
Lord Gospatric - Earl of Dunbar b: abt 1040 in Dunbar, ELOT, Scot. & Aethelfreda - Princess of England - b: abt 1045 - He was Earl of Northumberland - Also Earl of Dunbar and Lord of Bamburg Also Lord of Bamburgh, Carlisle & Allendale. Visited Rome 1061. - Gospatric purchased the earldom from William but sided with the Aetheling in 1068. He joined the Norwegians, who sailed up the Humber, Sep. 1069, and took York by storm, massacring the Normans there. In revenge the Conqueror laid waste the whole country between York and Durham. Gospatric fled but obtained pardon. He was in possession of the earldom in 1071, but was deprived in 1072 on the old charge of having assisted in the massacre of Durham. He fled to Scotland, where his kinsman Malcolm Ceanmore gave him Dunbar, with the adjacent lands in Lothian.  
son of: 
Lord Maldred of Allendale b: 1005 in Carlisle,CUMB, Eng. d: 1045 in battle of Battle casualty & Ealdgyth or Algitha of Northumbria - b: abt 1010/1015 - other records:Maldred de Molle - Earl of Dunbar - King of Cumbria - b: abt 1009 & Edith Unknown - b: abt 1000
son of: 
Crinan Mórmaer (Count or Earl) of Dunkeld (An Abbot) aka: Crinan de Mormaer  - b: abt 0975 in Atholl, PERT, Scot. d: 1045 in Dunkeld, PERT, SCOT. slain &  Bethoc (Beatrix) of Scone - b: abt 0984 in , ANGU, Scotland 
- He was Steward of the Western Isles; Thane of Dule; Lay Abbot of Dunkeld - A Mórmaer is roughly equivalent to an Earl/Jarl/Count.  - He was slain in 1045 in Dunkeld, Pert, Scotland 
son of: 
Lord Duncan - Earl of Atholl b:(abt)0949 in Atholl, Pert, Scot. 
son of: 
Duncan of Dule (Thane)