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International Society of Royal Descendants - Bloodroyal and Sangreal
Alice Fleming b: ABT. 1241 
Richard Cancefield b: abt. 1226 in Aldingham, Lancashire & Alice Fleming b: abt. 1241 in Aldingham, Lancashire
daughter of:
William Fleming b: abt. 1219 in Aldingham, Lancashire  & Elaeanor Unknown b: abt. 1221 in Aldingham, Lancashire
son of:
Michael Fleming b: 1197 in Aldingham, Lancashire  & Agatha FitzHervey b: abt. 1201 in Aldingham, Lancashire  - daughter of:
Henry FitzHervey b: abt. 1167 in England & Unknown Wife b: 1179 in Ravensworth, Yorkshire
son of: 
William Fleming b: abt. 1153 in Aldingham, Lancashire  & Eleanor Unknown b: abt. 1155 in Aldingham, Lancashire, 
son of: 
Michael Fleming b: abt. 1124 in Caermarvon Castle, Beckermet, Cumberland & Christian Stainton b: abt. 1128 in Kendal, Lancashire - daughter of: Gilbert Stainton b: abt. 1102 in Kendal, Lancashire
son of: 
Michael Fleming b: abt. 1085 in Caernarvon Castle, Beckermet, Cumberland & Unknown Stuteville b: abt. 1088 in Aldingham Manor, Lancashire