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International Society of Royal Descendants - Bloodroyal and Sangreal
Alice de Lexington  b1195 
Rowland de Sutton  b: abt 1195 in Averham, Nottinghamshire  & Alice de Lexington  b: 1195
Rowland de Sutton - 5th Lord of Sutton - abt 1195 in Averham, Nottinghamshire & Alice de Lexington - 1195
daughter of: 
William de Markham (-1267) & Cecilia de Lexington 
daughter of: 

Richard de Lexington - Baron - (Laxton) - b: 1165 in Tuxford, Nottinghamshire & Matilda de Cauz (de Caux) - abt 1160
son of:
Robert de Caux of Lexington

[1897] Of his three sons, John was Lord Keeper to Henry III in 1238, 1242, and 1247-8, Governor of the castles of Bolsover and Oxford; Robert was Lord of Lexington; Henry was Bishop of Lincoln. All three died without issue. The two daughters who married were Alice, wife of Sir Roland de Sutton, whose descendant, in after years, obtained the title of Baron Lexington; and Cecilia, wife of William Markham. So that Sutton and Markham divided the rich Lexington inheritance.
son of:
Lord Robert de Lexington - Baron of Tuxeford