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International Society of Royal Descendants - Bloodroyal and Sangreal
Alfred The Great
Baldwin II b: 0865 & Alfthryth aka: AEfthryth
4th daughter of
Alfred - The Great  &  Ealhswith of the Gaini
b: 849, Wantage, Berkshire - Acceded:  871, Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey - d: 0899
Interred: Hyde Abbey, Winchester
Notes:  Reigned 871-899. He prevented the Danish conquest of England, defeating them at Edington(878) after a campaign of guerrila warfare. After his victory he allowed the Danes to keep their conquests in Mercia nd East Anglia provided that Guthrum, their King, was converted to Christianity. Alfred built a navy of Warships to defend the south coast against further Danish invasions (885-86 ;892-96) and protected Wessex with a chain of fortifications. He took London (886), this gaining control of all England except the Danish areas.
Married 868, Winchester, England to , Ealhswith of the Gaini
Child 1: , AEthelflaed - Lady of Mercia, - b. CIR 869,
Child 2: , Edmund, b. abt 870,
Child 3: , Edward the Elder, King of England, b. 869
Child 4: AEfthryth
Child 5: , AEthelgeofu of Shaftesbury, Abbess of Shaftesbury
Child 6: , AEthelweard, b. 880  
son of:
AEthelwulf - King of Wessex - b. abt 806-857 & Osburga aka: Osburh - b: 0810