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Alexander Forbes b: ABT 1380
Baron Alexander Forbes b: abt 1380 &  Elizabeth Douglas - She was married. (2) Sir David Hay of Yester.
He was 1st Baron Forbes, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, to which he succeededin 1404; accompanied Alexander Stuart to England to tilt with Lord Beaumont in 1408; gathered considerable land and wealth from his wife's connections; Knight; created a peer by James II in 1442 as Baron Forbes; made a Lord of Parliament 1444/5; had a bastard son, Richard, before 1421; died æ 68. 

Alexander, 1st Lord Forbes, of Drumminor, Aberdeenshire, born 1380, died 1448; married 1421, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, Elizabeth Douglas, the daughter of George Douglas, Earl of Angus.
        He accompanied Alexander Stuart, Earl of Mar, and Sir Walter Lindsay on a journey to England to tilt with Lord Beaumont in 1408.  He was celebrated by Andrew de Wyntoun as one of four Scottish knights to mimic battle with the English knights and win, gaining for himself great commendation from this event.
        He was given charter to the lands of Edinbancory and Craiglogy on 8 November 1402 by Isabel Douglas, Countess of Mar, and confirmed by King Robert III, on 23 June 1405. These lands had also been chartered in 1364 to Sir Alexander's great-grandfather.
        Alexander fought in the Battle of Harlaw in 1411 with such success that General Alexander Stuart, Earl of Mar, befriended him. He followed the Earl to Flanders where they engaged in battle under the Duke of Burgandy. He was also given a safe conduct in Dover on 9 June 1421 for entry to and from England, and another in October 1421 permitting him to pass with 40 men at arms and attendants to 100 persons, and to visit King James in France under the control of King Henry V.
        He received charter for the lands of Fodderbirse in Aboyne from John, Earl of Buchan.  He was granted the lands of Alford by Alexander, Earl of Mar in 1423; granted a new charter for the lands and Barony of Forbes on 16 October 1423 by Regent, Murdoch of Albany; granted the lands of Meikle Fintray in December 1423 by John, Earl of Buchan, Elizabeth's first cousin once removed; granted the lands of Easter Cluny in 1425 by William, Earl of Angus, Elizabeth's brother; granted the lands of Alford and Edinbanchory, the lands and Barony of Forbes, the lands of Kearn and others in the Earldom of Mar, on 6 October 1431; and granted the lands of Ballindurno and half of Balshangy with the mill of Torquhonochy in 1431 by Elizabeth Keith, heiress of the barony of Aboyne in consideration for his help in establishing her right to her inheritance. Elizabeth's daughter who retained the inheritance married Sit Walter Seton who changed their name to Gordon and became a thorn in the side of the Lord Forbeses for many centuries.
        Alexander was Lord of Parliament between October 1444 and July 1445.  Parents of: