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International Society of Royal Descendants - Bloodroyal and Sangreal
Agnes Saint John - d 11 Jun 1340 
Lord Hugh de Courtenay - 1st Earl Of Devon d 1340 & Agnes St. John  - d 1340
daughter of:
Lord John Saint. John   b 1225 & Alice Fitzpiers b 1234 - daughter of: Reginald Fitzpiers & Alice Unknown  
son of:
Robert Saint John  b 1199 & Agnes de Cantilupe b 1228 - her sister was: Juliana de Cantilupe b: ABT. 1192 in Ewyas-Harold, Herefordshire who was married to: Robert de Tregoz II b: ABT. 1190 in Ewyas-Harold, Herefordshire - dates listed here could be in error.
  son of:                                                                                                                  both were daughters of:
William Saint John & Godechild Paynell (possible relative: & Agnes Paynell of Annandale Bruce who married: Robert de Bruce III - b: 1078 Death: 1141 William de Cantilupe b: ABT. 1185 in Bowden and Market Harborou & Millicent de Gournai b: ABT. 1189 in Ashby, Bucks -  daughter of: Baron Hugh de Gournai V b: 1163 & Juliane de Dammartin b: 1165    
son of:   
William de Cantilupe b: ABT. 1159 in Bucks, England & Mecelin Braci b: ABT. 1163 in Shropshire Co., England - daughter of: Adulp Braci b: ABT. 1137    
son of:   
Walter de Cantilupe b: ABT. 1128 in Longueville, Wales  
son of:   
Walter de Cantilupe b: ABT. 1102  
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William de Cantilupe - Lord of Tre-Cantlow (Cantleston). b: 1185 in Ashby & Melicent de Gournay b: 1189 in Ashby, En     
son of:    William de Cantilupe b: 1159 in England & Mecelin Bracy b: 1163 in France - daughter of: Adulph Bracy b: 1137     
son of:    Walter William II de Cantilupe b: ABT 1128 in Longueville, Gersey, Wales & Melette de Dynan     
son of:    Walter de Cantelou b: 1102  in Longueville, Gersey, Wales
Note:      William de Cantilupe: died: : 1238
Note: Sheriff of Leicester, Worcester and Herefore, Steward to King John. Governor of the castles of Hereford and Wilton 1202-3, and in 1212 during the events leading up to Magna Charta, he was loyal to the king. He was steward of the household of King John and one of his chief counsellors and remained loyal the King was excommunicated by the Pope. He was rewarded for his faithfulness with many favors and received the forfeited land of several nobles. Henry III continued him in the office of Steward and gave him Aston manor in co.Warwick.