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International Society of Royal Descendants - Bloodroyal and Sangreal
Aleida (Adelaide) - Countess of Holland - b: 1226 
Jean I de Avesnes - Count f Holland - 1218-1257 & Aleida (Adelaide) - Countess of Holland - b: 1226  - b: 1226
daughter of: 
Florent IV - Count of Holland died: 1235  & Mathilde of Brabant
son of:  William I - Count of Holland And Zealand died: 1224  & Adelaide of Gelders
son of: Florent III - Count of Holland (was a Crusader) died: 1162 & Ada de Huntingdon
son of:  Theodoric VII - Count of Holland & Zealand died: 1163  &  Sophia of Wittelsbach
son of:  Florent II - Count of Holland & Zealand died: 1123  & Petronella of Saxony
son of: Theodoric VI - Count of Holland (Title received: 1076  & Uthildis of Saxony
son of:  Florent I - Count of Holland died: 1062  & Gertrude of Saxony
son of:Theodoric (Dirk) III - Count of Holland  & Uthildis of Saxony  died: 1044
daughter of: 
Emperor Otto II of Saxony - Emperor of the West  0955-0983  & Theophana of Byzantium
son of:  Emperor Otto I (The Great) - Emperor of the West  0912-0973  &  Adelaide of Lombardy
son of:: Emperor Henry I ("the Fowler") - Emperor of the West & Mathilda of Ringelheim  0894-0936
dau of:
Dietrich (Theodoric) - Count of Ringelheim  & Gisele of Lorraine  married: 0882
dau of: 
Lothair II "The Saxon", King of Lorraine  0827-0869
son of:  Emperor Lothair I - Emperor of the West & King of Italy  0795 - 0855 & Ermengarde of Tours  other child of Louis I
son of:: Louis I "The Pious"- King of Aquitaine & Irmengarde of Hasbaye

See below Ingeramun - Count of Hasbaye    

dau of:
Ingeramun - Count of Hasbaye
son of: Gunderland - Count of Hasbaye - died: 778
son of: Landrade married: Sigramine - Count of Hasbania
dau of:
Suanhilde of Bavaria  married: >>Charles Martel - King of Franks
dau of:
Grimaldo II of Bavaria  & Viletrude
son of: Theodon V - Duke of Bavaria - died:717
son of: Grimaldo I - Duke of Bavaria - died: 0695
son of: Tassilo
son of: Theodon III - Duke of Bavaria  Regintrude of France
dau of:
Theodobert II of France - King of Austrasia 0586 - 0612 & Bellichildis 
son of:: Childebert II of France - King of Austrasia  0570 - 0596 & Failende
son of:  Sigibert I of France - King of Austrasia  0535 - 0575
son of: Clothaire I - King of Franks 0499 - Dec 0561 (3rd wife) Ingonde, (5th wife) RadegondaUnknown
son of: King Theodoric I of Austrasia
son of: Childeric I - King of Salic Franks 0437 - 0481 & Basina of Thuringia  (Bef 382-Aft 470)
son of:
Merovaeus - King of Franks 0411 - 0458 & Verica - Princess of Sweden
The Dynasty was named after him
son of: Clodion III - King of the Franks (Abt 380-Abt 445) & Queen Basina Thuringia of the Franks (Bef 382-Aft 470) /
son of: Pharamond - King of the Franks (Abt 370-Abt 427) & Queen Argotta of the Franks (Abt 376-)
Pharamond (r.409-426), the first King of the Salian Franks after the departure of the Romans from Gaul.
son of: Duke Marcomir I of the East Franks (Abt 347-Abt 404)
son of: Duke Clodius II of the East Franks (Abt 324-Abt 389)
son of: Duke Dagobert II of the East Franks (Abt 300-Abt 379)
son of: Duke Genebald of the East Franks (Abt 262-Abt 358)  / other sons: King Clodomir IV of the Franks aka King Clodius  IV of the Franks
son of: Duke Dagobert I of the East Franks (Abt 230-Abt 317)
son of: Walter - King of the Franks  (Bef 298-306)
son of: Clodius III - King of the Franks (Bef 272-298)
son of: Bartherus - King of the Franks (Bef 253-272)
son of: Chief Hilderic of the Franks (Bef 212-253) & Queen Hilderic of the Franks
son of: Chief Sunno of the Franks (Bef 186-213)
son of: Chief Farabert of the Franks (abt 122-Abt 183) & Queen Farabert of the Franks
son of: Chief Clodomir IV of the Franks (Abt 104-166) & Queen Halfilda Rugii of the Franks (Abt 106-)
son of: Chief Marcomir IV of the Franks (Bef 128-149) & Queen Althildis of the Franks (Bef 125-)
son of: Odomir  - King of the Franks (Bef 114-128)
son of: Richemer - King of the Franks (Bef 90-114)
son of: Ratherius - King of the Franks (Bef 69-90)
son of: Antenor IV - King of the West Franks (Bef 63-69)
son of: Clodemir III - King of the West Franks (Bef 50-63)
son of: Marcomir III - King of the West Franks (Bef 20-50)
son of: Clodius III - King of the West Franks (6-20)


Clodio, King of the Salian Franks  died: 447 & Mother: ? - Semi-legendary King of the Salian Franks and father of Merovech, founder of the Merovingian Dynasty. Called ", the Long Hair" or ", the Hairy" because of the length of his hair. From then on the Merovingians were called the "Long Haired Kings" and the cutting of a king's hair represented his loss of royal power.
According to legend his father was Pharamond (r.409-426), the first King of the Salian Franks after the departure of the Romans from Gaul. In history, Clodio was probably real. He lived in Thuringian territory, and ruled at the same time as the semi-legendary kings Theudemer and Richemer. All that is known of his reign is that he took the town of Cambrai from the Romans. He was succeeded by his semi-legendary son Merovech. (Unlike Merovech and Clodio, Childeric I, Merovech's son, was very real and cannot be considered fictional.)

Merovech, King of the Salian Franks - died: 456 & Mother: ?

Childeric I, King of the Salian Franks Born: c437 Died: 481 & Basina
Children: Clovis I, King of the Franks, Audofleda, Lanthechild

Clovis I, King of the Franks - Born: c466 Died: 511
Married (1): a concubine
Theuderic I, King of Metz
Married (2): Saint Clotilda
Chlodomer, King of Orleans, Childebert I, King of Paris, Chlotar I, King of the Franks, Chrotilda

Clovis I, King of the Franks
Saint Clotilda

Chlotar, King of the Franks Born: ? Died: 561
Married (1): Guntheuc
Children: ?
Married (2): Radegund
Children: ?
Married (3): Ingund
Children: Gunthar, Childeric, Charibert I, King of Paris, Guntram, King of Burgundy, Sigebert I, King of Metz, Chlothsind
Married (4): Aregund
Children: Chilperic I, King of Soissons,
Married (1): Chunsina
Children: Chramn

Chlotar I, King of the Franks & Aregund

Chilperic I, King of Soissons - died: 584
Audovera - died: 580 - Audovera was the first wife of King Chilperic of Soissons and mother of four of his children. After the three sons had died, she was murdered by Chilperic and his other wife Queen Fredegund and Basina became a religious.
children: Theudebert died:575, Merovech, Clovis died:580 Basina

Married (2): Galswinth
Children: ?
Married (3): Fredegund
Children: Samson, Rigunth, Theuderic, Chlotar II, King of the Franks

Merovech - died:578 & Brunhild - 545-613 - daughter of: Anthanagild, King of the Visigoths & Goiswinth - Brunhild was married first to: Sigebert I, King of Metz and their children were: Childebert II, King of Austrasia and Burgundy, Ingund, and Chlodosind. She married second to: Merovech 


Following the fall of the Western half of the Roman Empire, the vacuum of government was filled by a series of Frankish Kings descended from the semi-mythical Merovich. The Merovingian kings were known for their long hair which in their day stood for the strength and leadership of these semi-divine rulers. Unfortunately, their divinity was only semi, and they self destructed with a series of decadent kings who followed a century of family feuding which made the folks in Dynasty and Dallas look like girl scouts.
Clovis, Merovich's grandson, was truly the great Merovingian king. He united the Franks and conquered a territory including most of modern France and Germany. The Franks' success has been attributed to Clovis' decision, traditionaly in 496, to convert to Roman Christianity rather than embrace the Aryan heresy which was more popular among the barbarians. Conversion led to a strong alliance with those Romans still living in Western Europe, (read: powerful bishops) and eventually the "Roman Empire" of Charlemagne.
When Clovis died in 511, the kingdom was divided among his 4 sons who immediately began fighting. By 558, Chlothar I was the only one alive, ruling over a united Frank kingdom. This unity came to a quick end in 561 when Chlothar I died, leaving the kingdom divided among his 4 sons who repeated the pattern by trying to kill each other.
First Charibert I died and his lands were divided among the 3 surviving brothers (Guntram in Burgandy, Sigibert I in Austrasia, and Chilperic I in Neustria). Guntram, known for his piety, seems to either have stayed out of most of the conflicts or to act as a mediator or sorts. Sigibert and Chilperic give a whole new meaning to 'sibling rivalry.'
Their wives (Brunhild and Fredegund) contributed enough to the family battles for it to continue for 4 generations. It seems the problems started when Chilperic killed his first wife, Galswinth, who happened to be Brunhild's sister. She never forgave him or Fredegund who was probably behind the murder.
The family history includes the attempted marriage between Chilperic's son Merovech to his aunt, Brunhild. Both Sigibert (575) and Chilperic (584) were murdered, probably each by his sister in law (Fredegund and Brunhild respectively.
Chilperic's succesor was Chlothar II who may or may not have been Chilperic's son, since his mother, Fredegund, was known to avoid marital fidelity, probably reasoning that what was good for the Merovingian gander was equally good for the goose.
Brunhild had problems in addition to Fredegund. Most important was the growing power and independence of the aristocracy. By 613 things came to a head.
When Sigibert died, his son Childebert II became king of Austrasia. When Guntram died in 592, Childebert added Burgundy to his territory. When he died in 596, his kingdom was divided between his sons. Theudebert II got Austrasia; Theuderic II got Burgundy. Their grandmother, Brunhild, persuaded Theuderic to attack his brother, Theudebert, who died along with his infant son in 612. This left Austrasia to Theuderic. Unfortunately, he died a year later.
Brunhild tried to put Theuderic's son Sigibert on the throne so she could rule as regent. Unfortunately for her the magnates of Austrasia wanted no part of this. They formed an alliance with Chlothar II of Neustria and killed Brunhild, after a good day's torture, and her great grandson Sigibert. Brunhild was about 65 when she died.
The two leaders of the aristocrats who rebelled against Brunhild were Pippin and Arnulf. Pippin's daughter and Arnulf's son married and their descendants later ruled as the Carolingian kings.
Chlothar's son, Dagobert I, is considered to be the last effective Merovingian king. When he died in 638 a series of do-nothing kings (rois faineants) sat on the thrones of the Frankish kingdoms.