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Adelaide de Tours & Alsace  b: 0810 
Rutpert (Robert) IV - Count of Wormgau de Neustria b: 820 in France & Adelaide de Tours & Alsace  b: 0810 in Tours, France  
Adbelahide (Adelheid) Martel ,Princess Holy Roman / Name: Adela (Aenis\Adelaide) de Tours - Birth: ABT. 824 in Tours, France Birth: 774 in Pavie, Lombardy, Italy / Birth: ABT. 802 in Tours, France / Birth: 810 - Death: 866     

Her marriages:
Marriage (1) 825 to Conrad I Count of Auxerre b: ABT. 800 in Burgundy, France - her children by 1st marriage: Conrad II Count of Auxerre b: 825 in Burgundy, France & Welf Count of Argengau b: 816     

Marriage (2) 864 to Rutpert IV "The Strong" (Robert) King of France b: ABT. 820 in France - children by 2nd marriage: Robert I King of France b: 866 in Bourgogne, France,  Regilinda Von Wormgau , Princess of France b: 865,  Bertha Princess of France b: ABT. 859 in Bretagne, France,  Eudes King of France b: ABT. 865 in France, Richard Duke of France,  Richildes de Blois     
It's unclear if she was the daughter of: Charlemagne or his son Louis I "The Pious" Martel 
daughter of:   
Luitfrid II - Count of Upper Alsace (of the House of Eticho)   
son of:  Luitfrid - Duke of Alsace & Edith Duchess of Alsace b: 719 in Alsace-Lorraine, France   
son of:  Adalbert - Duke of Alsace & Gerlinde Duchess of Alsace  b: 679 in Alsace, France   
son of:  Eticho I - Duke of AlsaceBerswinde Duchess of Alsace  b: 650 in Metz, Austrasia, France   
son of:  Lendisius   
son of:  Erchembaldus & Leudefindis b: 594 in France   
son of:  Ega - Duke of Alsace  b: 560 in France & Gerberga of Franconia
daughter of:   
Richemeres - Duke of Franconia  b: 538 in Franconia, Germany & Gertrudis Duchess of Franconia   
daughter of:   
Ausbert (The Senator) of Moselle & Princess Blithilda   

son of:  Hildouin (Hugh) de Montreuil
son of:  Rotgaire Count de Montreuil b: aft. 927
son of:  Herlouin Count de Ponthieu & Unknown de Damartin
son of:  Heligaud Gov. de Ponthieu b: abt. 877
son of:  Herlouin Gov. de Ponthieu d: abt. 876 & Unknown Helisinde
son of:  Heligaud Gov. de Ponthieu b: bef. 823
son of:  Nithard Gov. de Ponthieu  d: 823 
son of:  Augelbert Gov. de Ponthieu  & Bertha de France  - b: 776 -
son of:  Nithard Martel & Unknown Richarde
son of:  Hieronmus Martel de France & Unknown Ermengarde
son of:  Charles Martel - King of France b: abt. 689 in Heristal, Neustria & Chrotrude (Lady) de Trevers b: abt. 690 in Moselle, Austrasia