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Ada Dunkeld - Princess of Scotland  b: 1200
Sir Ralph II de Brereton b(abt)1197 & Ada Dunkeld - Princess of Scotland  b: 1200 d aft 1241 - She was married (2) to Henry de Hastings b: 1197 in Ashill, Norfolk, England 
daughter of:
David Dunkeld - King of Scotland & Earl of Huntingdon - Northumberland, Lennox, Carlisle, Doncaster - b: abt 1144 - d: 1219 in Yardley, Northants & Matilda (Maud) de Meschines - b: 1171 - (Note: Some records indicate that Ada was his child by a mistress.  Yet other records indicate that she was his child by Matilda (Maud) Note:  His wife was: Matilda de Meschines b: 1171 - and their children were: Isabel "the Scot" Dunkeld, and Margaret Dunkeld. His child by mistress was Ada Dunkeld of Scotland.  
son of:
Henry Dunkeld - Prince of Scotland - Earl of Huntington & Northumberland  b: abt 1114 & Adelaide de Warenn - b: abt 1120 in Surrey, England
son of:
David Dunkeld I ("The Saint") (King of Scotland) b: 1080 in Huntington, England & Matilda (Maud) Huntington  b: 1072
son of:
Malcolm Dunkeld III of Huntington - "Creanor (Longneck)" (King of Scotland) - b: 1031 in Scotland & Margaret de Atheling (Queen of England) - b: 1045 in Scotland
son of:
Duncan Dunkeld I  of Huntington - "The Gracious of Scotland"   (King of Scotland) b: 1007 & Sybil Aelflaed Siwardsdotter  b: 1014  
son of:
Crinan Grimus Mormaer - Thane of Atholl - b: 972 & Bethoc Beatrice of Scone b: 984
Crinan Mórmaer - Count or Earl of Dunkeld  (An Abbot) aka: Crinan De Mormaer  b: abt 0975 in Atholl, Pert, Scotland & Bethoc (Beatrix) of Scone - Princess of Scotland b: abt 0984 in , ANGU, Scot.- also refered to as: Bethoc Beatrice de Scone 
He was Steward of the Western Isles; Thane of Dule, Thane of Atholl; Lay Abbot of Dunkeld - A Mórmaer is roughly equivalent to an Earl/Jarl/Count  - He was slain in 1045 in Dunkeld, Pert, Scotland 
son of:  Duncan Mormaer III of Athol  b: 950 in Atholl, Perthshire, Scotland & Unknown Wife b: 955  
son of:  Duncan Mormaer II b: 925   & Unknown Wife b: 933  
son of:  Duncan Mormaer I of Dull b: 890 & Unknown Wife b: 908  
son of:  Guiban Mormaer b: 865 & Unknown Wife b: 873  
son of:  Conall Guiban  & Unknown Wife b: 846  
son of:  Niall Noigallah  & Unknown Wife  
son of:  Eochu Muigemedon  & Carien Chasdub  
son of:  Muirdach (Tirech Mor) - King of Mor
son of:  Ughaine - King of Mor (66th Monarch) Slain by Badhbhchadh 593 BC & Caesair  
son of:  Eochaidh - Prince Baudhach of Ireland  
son of:  Lauch - King Ladrach