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International Society of Royal Descendants - Bloodroyal and Sangreal
Royal Stuart / Royal Scottish Descendants
Through Abby Parker - 1879

James Bundy  b 1879 d 1957 & Abbey Parker b 1879 d 1970 married Sep 9, 1897
daughter of:
William George Parker b1860 & Elizabeth Gibson bMar15,1859
daughter of:
Andrew Gibson  b(abt)1815 & Abbigail (Abby) Sizemore b(bet) 1822-1830 in Clay Co. Ky
son of:  
James Gibson b(abt)1775 in Virginia died:(aft)1838 Mary Ann Finley  b(abt)1780 in Virginia
daughter of:
James Finley b 1745 - d: 1830   & Kiziah Martin - b: 1753 - d: 1831
son of: John Patterson Finley b:1706 in Dublin, Ire  Elizabeth Thankful Doak - b(bet)1704-1707
son of: James Finley  b1687 in Dublin, Ireland & Elizabeth Patterson  b1689/90 in Dublin, Ireland
son of: Alexander Finley b: 1667  in Balchristie, Fife, Scotland & Catherine Margaret Jennings - b: 1668  in Inchervie, Fife, Scotland
son of: James Finley b(abt)1636 in Inchervie, Fife, Scotland &  Margaret Mackie  - b(abt) 1626 in Scotland
son of: John Finley - aka: (John of Fife)  b:1579 in St. Andrews, Balchristie, Scot  & Sarah Craigie - b: 1590  in Dumblane, Perthshire, Scot
son of: James Finley b: 1530 in Cupar Angus, Balchristie, Fife, Scot &   Elizabeth Warrender - b: 1550 in Balchristie, Fife, Scot
son of: Andrew H. Finley b: 1483 in Perth, Scotland & Janet (Jonet) Hayes  b: about 1503 in Perth, Scotland
son of: John Finley  b: 1457 &  Joneta (Janet) Roger - b: about 1461 in Cupar Angus, Fife, Scotland 
son of: John Finley b: 1392 n Scotland & Mary MacRae  b: about 1437 n Scotland 
son of: John Finley  b: 1356 n Scotland &  Elinor Stewart  b: 1360 in Fothergill, Scotland - daughter of: John Stewart     
son of: Andrew Finley b: 1344 in Perthshire, Scotland & Marjorie McDonald  b: 1334 in Perthshire, Scotland 
son of: William Finley b: about 1300 in Rousknst, Perthshire, Scotland & Isabelle Dempster 
son of: Archibald Finley b: abt 1215 in Perthshire, Scotland & Margaret Robertson (Robinson) b: 1244 in Scotland    
son of: Fearchar McFinlay - Chief of Clan Fionnladh b abt 1210 in Pershire, Scot & Daughter of Patrick McDonachadh b(bet)1207 in Scot 
son of: Eugenius Shaw Farquharson McFinlay - The origin of the Clan Farquharson in Aberdeenshire.
son of: Fergus Shaw McFinlay of Rothumerches 
son of: Rory Ruari McFinlay - Thane of Cromarty  
son of: Macbeatha McFinlay - Thane of Cromarty & Bethoca Mcbrad McBride 
son of: Macbeatha McFinlay - Thane of Ross Cromarty - Cheif of Clan Fionnladh.  b: 1060 
son of: Macboeda Macbeth Fionnladh Finlay  b: 1005 & Gruoch Bodhe - daughter of:  Bodhe - A medieval Scottish nobleman. 
son of: Mcruaidhri Finlay - Earl of Moray  & Donada Fionnladh Finlay   
son of: McRuaidhri - Thane of Ross & Cromarty Finlay