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International Society of Royal Descendants - Bloodroyal and Sangreal
Abbey Parker  b:1879 - Line 2 
James Bundy - 1879 &  Abbey Parker  b:1879
James Bundy was born in Manchester, Clay County, Kentucky and with his wife Abby moved to Williamsburg Kentucky where he became the town barbour in the early 1900's
daughter of:
William George Parker b1860 & Elizabeth Gibson bMar15,1859
daughter of:
Andrew Gibson  b(abt)1815 & Abbigail (Abby) Sizemore b(bet) 1822-1830 in Clay Co. Ky
son of:  
James Gibson b(abt)1775 in Virginia died:(aft)1838  Mary Ann Finley - b(abt)1780 in Virginia  (married first to Reuben Ford b: 1785
daughter of:
James Finley b1745 in Va - died: 1830 in Ky & Kiziah Martin b1753 - died: 1831 in Tye's Ferry, Whitley Co Ky
daughter of:
Captain Thomas Martin b: 6 JAN 1713/14 in Albermarle County, VA & Ann Moorman b: 1712 in Louisa County, Virginia
son of: Captain John Martin b: 1685 in New Kent, VA & Elizabeth Letitia Lewis b: ABT. 1686 in Caroline County, VA
son of: Colonel Abram Martin b: 1642 in Pale Park, England & Elizabeth (?)
son of: John Martin b: ABT. 1616 in Pale Park, Dorsetshire, England & Maud Marshall b: ABT. 1615 in Pale Park, Dorsetshire, England
son of: Thomas Martin b: 1562 & Mary Elizabeth Gerrand b: 1565
son of: Robert Martin b: 1539 in Athelhamson House, England & Elizabeth Kelway b: 1540
son of: Thomas Martin  b: 1510
son of: Unknown Martin b: 1485
son of: Sir William Martin b: 1460
son of: Thomas Martin b: 1435 in Athelhamson House, England & Unknown Clevedon b: 1435
son of: Sir Richard Martin b: 1410 & Elizabeth Pydel b: 1415
son of: Sir Robert Martin b: 1380 & Agnes de Loundres b: 1385
son of: Sir Oliver Martin b: 1344 in Doresetshire, England
son of: Robert Martin b: 1310
son of: Robert Martin b: 1290 & Heiress of Yeovilton b: 1295
son of: Robert Martin b: 1265
son of: Sir Robert Martin b: 1235 in Dartingham, Devonshire 
son of: Baron Nicholas Martin b: 1193 in Dartingham, Devonshire  & Maud de Bryan b: 1195
son of: Baron William Martin b: 1160 & Avice de Toriton b: 1165  
son of:  Baron William FitzMartin b: 1135 in Dartingham, Devonshire  & Angharad Griffydd - b: in South Wales 
son of:  Robert FitzMartin b: 1070 & Alice de Nonant
son of:  Baron Martin de Tours b: 1020 in Normandy & Geva de Burci b: 1030 - daughter of: William de Falaise  b: 1000 & Serlo de Burci b: 1005 -  (assumed her mother's place name)
Baron Martin de Tours accompanied William - Duke of Normandy on his invasion of England and was at Hastings.